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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Candy Montgomery's husband Pat Montgomery?

Following her highly publicized trial and acquittal, Candy Montgomery left Texas and settled in Georgia with her husband, Pat Montgomery. Despite learning about Candy’s infidelity, Pat stuck by Candy throughout the trial, but the marriage ended four years after their move to Georgia.

What happened to Candy Montgomery after her divorce?

After the divorce, Candy dropped the name Montgomery and readopted her maiden name: Wheeler. Reports claim that Candy still lives in Georgia and is a family therapist alongside her daughter, Jenny. Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery in Hulu’s Candy .

When does Candy Montgomery's 'candy' premiere on Hulu?

Today, the teaser of the limited series Candy was released which will air on May 9 on Hulu. Candy Montgomery’s case is set to be explored on a limited series ‘Candy’. Also known as an ax murderer, Candy is a person who killed her friend Betty Gore after the victim found her husband has been cheating her with Candy.

Is Candy Montgomery based on Betty Gore?

The Hulu series based on Betty Gore and Candy Montgomery named, 'Candy' is releasing on 9th May 2022. Similarly, HBO is also releasing another series named Love & Death in 2022. How Old Is Candy Montgomery? Age Today Candy Montgomery was born in 1951 in Texas; she is 71 years old. At the time of the murder, she was 29 years old.

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