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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of Tagalog in the Philippines?

Tagalog is the first language of a quarter of the population of the Philippines (particularly in Central and Southern Luzon) and the second language for the majority. No dumping sign along the highway in the Laguna province, Philippines. A landslide and rockslide-prone area sign at Indang, Cavite. Welcome arch to Palayan, Nueva Ecija.

What is the origin of the Tagalog language?

Look up Tagalog in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Southern Tagalog, a region in southern Luzon that is the heartland of the Tagalog people Tagalog Republic or Katagalugan, revolutionary governments during the Philippine Revolution

Where is Tagalog spoken in Mindanao?

Tagalog is also the predominant language of Cotabato City in Mindanao, making it the only place outside of Luzon with a native Tagalog speaking majority.

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