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Frequently Asked Questions

Who were the Zapatistas?

Zapatistas were a group of poor farmers who banded together under Emiliano Zapata during the Mexican Revolution. Officially known as the Liberation Army of the South, or Ejército Libertador del Sur, the Zapatistas fought for communal land rights for the indigenous peoples of Mexico.

Are the Zapatistas ready to play a bigger role in Mexican politics?

There are signs that the Zapatistas are ready to play a bigger part in wider Mexican politics.

What is Zapatista punishment?

Mariana Mora provides a telling illustration of the movement’s approach to punishment, documenting a case in which Zapatistas issued a year-long community service sentence for a robbery. Those found guilty were allowed to alternate service with work on their own cornfields so that their families did not have to share in the punishment.

What is the Zapatista justice system?

The Zapatista justice system has gained trust and legitimacy even beyond the movement's supporters. It is free of charge, conducted in indigenous languages and is known to be less corrupt or partial compared to governmental institutions of justice.

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