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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Royale high store?

Each store contains randomized clothing from certain sorts of Royale High's dress-up clothing catalog, similar to Moonlight Square. Players can try on the clothing onto their in-game avatar, or purchase the item on Roblox to support its designer. There are currently four stores that can be entered.

How do you get the satchel in Royale High Lighthouse?

Royale High Lighthouse Quest Guide 1 Begin the Quest. Approach the lighthouse and knock on the door. ... 2 Get some Strawberry Ice Cream. Fly back to town and head over to Frostbite, aka Diamond Beach's ice cream shop. ... 3 Solve the Secret Cave Puzzle. Place the ice cream on the table inside the lighthouse. ... 4 Find the Captain's Satchel. ...

How many quests are in Diamond Beach in Royale high?

On August 1, 2021, Royale High released quests in Diamond Beach. There are 4 quests total and one secret quest. Only one main quest can be completed at a time. However, the secret quest can be done at any time, including during other quests.

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