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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hummingbirds life span?

With their small size and high metabolism, the hummingbird lifespan is generally only a few years, but the life expectancy of a hummingbird is variable and some have survived for more than a decade.

What would happen if Hummingbirds are extinct?

Hummingbirds And Army Ants. For example, take hummingbird flower mites. If hummingbirds went extinct, the mites could go extinct too because they would have no way of getting from flower to flower. Then the flowers, because they depend on the hummingbirds and mites to spread pollen, also go extinct.

How long should you feed hummingbirds?

In general though, a hummingbird will feed every 10 to 15 minutes, all day long. They might eat up to their body weight in food each day. Especially when getting ready for the migration when they will sometimes double their body weight.

Why are hummingbirds keystone species?

In the Sonora Desert the hummingbird is a keystone species. It is the keystone species for its role in pollination, it has the role of pollinating most of the plant life such as cactus. This allows the cactus to have an advantage over other species.

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