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What was the cause of Louis Armstrong death?

Louis Armstrong died of a heart attack on July 6, 1971, at age 69. The influence of Armstrong on the development of jazz is virtually immeasurable. As a virtuoso trumpet player, Armstrong had a unique tone and an extraordinary talent for melodic improvisation.

Who is Louis in Family Guy?

Lois Griffin (née Pewterschmidt) is a fictional character in the animated comedy series Family Guy, the matriarch of the Griffin family. She is voiced by writer Alex Borstein and first appeared on television, along with the rest of the family in the 15-minute short on December 20, 1998.

What stores carry Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is the only distributor of Louis Vuitton products in the world. They do not operate a wholesale business, so you can only buy Louis Vuitton products through an actual Louis Vuitton store from one of their employees. As a result, you won't find department stores which carry the brand.

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