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Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear with Poison Ivy?

Wear gloves when working where poison ivy may be present, such as when cutting down trees in the woods, mowing brush, etc. It is recommended that you wear plastic gloves over cotton gloves because urushiol (the oil in poison ivy that is responsible for the allergic reaction) can eventually soak through cotton gloves.

Is Poison Ivy bad for You?

Poison ivy is an itchy, blistering rash that occurs when one's skin comes in contact with the oil found on the leaves, stems, roots, and flowers of the poison ivy plant. A sticky chemical, urushiol oil is quickly absorbed by the skin. The rash that results is actually a form of allergic contact dermatitis called Rhus dermatitis.

Does poisen Ivy look like bug bites?

Not usually: Poison ivy tends to involved a much large area of the skin than a mosquito bite. The blisters may not appear until 1 to 3 days later after contact. Mosquito bites look more like a wheal or hive, poison ivy more likely bumps and blisters. ...Read more.

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